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Robot Alchemic Drive, known in Japan as Gigantic Drive (ジャイガンティック ドライブ?), is a PlayStation 2 video game developed by Sandlot and published by Enix.. It was released in Japan and North America In the game the player controls a giant robot called a Meganite, humanity’s last line of defense against an extraterrestrial race called the Volgara.

How To Play Ps2 Iso Files On Ps3One of the most authentic anime mecha games ever made is finally here with easy access! A game based on the gigantic robot series (also known as Gigantor in the US), the PS2 version of Tetsujin #28 is developed by the team behind Robot Alchemical Drive, and features similar robot-battling gameplay against 28 different enemies.. The game also features a challenge mode with two-player cooperative gameplay Runs fine with ESR and burned to a disc.. There are 3 different robots to choose from: Vertical Fortress Vavel, Airborne Dominator Laguiole and Gllang the Castlekeep.. Players control the gigantic machines via an old-fashioned remote control, displayed at the bottom of the screen.

As such, Robot Alchemic Drive features many of the same gameplay elements as other Sandlot games The protagonists that the player may choose between are two males and one female (Naoto Tsukioka, Ryo Tsukioka, or Yui Tsukioka); however, the NPCs usually only refer to the character as ‘Chairman’ and choice of player character does not affect gameplay.. How To Play Ps2 Iso Files On Ps3Vavel has 2 modes, Volcanic and Genesis mode Laguiole can turn into a plane, and his mode similar to Vavel’s is the Demon Sword Desecrator mode, which releases two short, laser like, daggers from the robot’s wrists.


Stars many characters from the series, including #27, #28, Black Ox, Monster, Baccus, and Saturn.. The player is not in the cockpit of the robot; rather, he or she is on foot, carrying a remote control (the player must switch between the protagonist and the robot to play).

Robots are able to attack with chops, kick, jump, fly, pick up pieces of the environment (such as buildings) and hurl them at their enemies, as well, as use oversized weapons to cause more damage. 5ebbf469cd


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